Hope Street Season 2

Marlene sabotages an undercover investigation and Nicole finds an unexpected answer to her fertility problems in the season premiere on Sunday.


HOPE STREET Season 2 picks up six months after the car crash at the end of the first season. Following his brush with death, Finn (Ciarán McMenamin) is a haunted man but in fierce denial that he is anything other than fine; trustworthy Sergeant Marlene Pettigrew (Kerri Quinn) becomes acting Inspector in his stead. The Port Devine station is joined by a new detective, Al Quinn (Stephen Hagan), who is a laid-back breath of fresh air – until his willful daughter turns up and plunges him into a moral and ethical dilemma. Al struggles to juggle his duty as a police officer while protecting his daughter – unaware Police Constable Callum McCarthy (Niall Wright) is always watching.

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