Happy Birthday NOVA!

PBS's premier science series celebrates its 50th anniversary in February with four brand-new episodes exploring science behind the headlines.

Happy 50th Birthday NOVA

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NOVA 50th Anniversary episodesLondon Super Tunnel – Feb. 1
Thousands of engineers, technicians and workers race to build Europe’s biggest construction project–London’s new railroad, the Elizabeth Line.

Star Chaser of Senegal – Feb. 8
A visionary astronomer in West Africa attempts a high-stakes observation of a distant asteroid vital to a NASA mission.

Ancient Builders of the Amazon – Feb. 15
Recent discoveries in archaeology are revealing traces of ancient civilizations that flourished for centuries, with populations numbering in the millions.

New Eye on the Universe – Feb. 22
Explore the newest observations taken by NASA’s innovative James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in its first several months of operation.

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