Frontline: Crisis on Campus

Tuesday night, FRONTLINE investigates the historic moment of crisis on campuses in partnership with Retro Report.

TUESDAY, JUNE 11 at 9:00PM

At Harvard University in January, the president resigned under pressure. Weeks earlier, at the University of Pennsylvania, the president there resigned too. The Department of Education has launched discrimination investigations into multiple colleges and universities. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against Ivy League schools, state universities and more. Big donors have either pulled their money from some institutions or are threatening to do so.

A firestorm is raging on America’s most prestigious campuses, ignited by the Hamas terror attack on Israel and the catastrophic war in Gaza, and now stirring up some of the most difficult and polarizing subjects in the country - antisemitism, DEI, leadership and accountability, and election year, culture war politics.

With Retro Report, FRONTLINE investigates this historic moment of crisis on campuses. Correspondent James Jacoby and an award-winning team track the story from its earliest days - from campus antisemitic rhetoric and violence, to the doxing of pro-Palestinian students, to massive pro-Palestinian demonstrations around the country, to the pivotal clash between college presidents and Rep. Elise Stefanik over antisemitism, to the leadership upheavals that followed, and the competing claims of what it all means from the political left and right.

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