England Made with Love

Take a deep dive into British craftsmanship and tradition the the latest "Made with Love" experience premiering Monday.

MONDAY at 7:00PM

England is known for its magnificent manors, glorious gardens, high tea, and the world’s most famous royal family. But the country is also home to some of the world’s most talented and dedicated artisans. These devoted makers stay true to the artistry that shaped their lives decades ago, keeping their craft alive in workshops, studios, kitchens, and caverns across the country, all showcased in ENGLAND MADE WITH LOVE. Offering a deep dive into British culture through its rich tradition of craftsmanship, the program introduces viewers to some remarkable makers as they teach apprentices hands-on skills that must be passed from generation to generation.

Through cinematic visuals, the program explores each region’s hidden treasures and beautiful landscapes as locals share their stories, heritage, and culture as only they can. Whether thatching roofs, practicing intricate watchmaking, making teapots, weaving blankets or creating hats, each artisan reveals their passion and skill through timeless products made with love. ENGLAND MADE WITH LOVE is packed with process and reveals the wisdom and techniques these craftsmen are practicing today and passing on to the next generation. From a tailor shop on a street corner in London to a sculptor combing the windswept beaches on the coast to bookbinders in the storied city of Bath, come with us as we journey across England and experience all these wonderful people and places made with love.

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