Educational Resources for Teachers and Parents | Q&A with Dr. Briana Morton

Our own Dr. Briana Morton, Vice-President of Educational Services, on the educational offerings from APT.

Dr. Briana Morton was a classroom educator for 10 years and a school administrator for two years before finding her way to Alabama Public Television. Now, she is the Vice-President of Educational Services, working with our Education Department to craft valuable resources that align with Alabama’s curriculum. What's the best part? These resources are free to the public.

"Before I started a year ago, I was not aware of all of the valuable resources that APT offers: resources for caregivers, for teachers, for students, and for citizens alike who are interested in understanding more about the education of youth and about how to empower youth,” said Dr. Morton.

Teacher Resources

APT offers a variety of on-demand courses, in-person training and professional development workshops for K-12 educators:

  • On-Demand Courses: These are courses you can take at your own pace, from the science of reading to engaging parents.
  • In-Person Facilitated Trainings: These are face-to-face courses, trainings and workshops, which can include real-time Zoom trainings as well.
  • Professional Development: We offer professional development geared toward K-12 instructors. In our Yellowhammer History Hunt sessions, we go across the state to learn more about historic sites or historical figures on-site.


APT K-12 Certified Educator Program

The APT K-12 Certified Educator program is a great way to get more involved in your school, community and with APT! It is a brand-new, three-tier, online course for K-12 educators certified in the State of Alabama.

"It's on-demand so you take it at your own pace, and it's really just showing us that you know how to navigate the website and you can use those resources in your classroom. Once you have demonstrated that, then you will become an APT K-12 Certified Educator and the next step is becoming an ambassador and then an advisor," said Dr. Morton.

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Parent Resources

“Knowing what teachers and educators are going through right now, particularly post-2020, I feel like I have an understanding of what their needs are but also understanding what parents' needs are,” said Dr. Morton. “I'm a parent of a 5-year-old, a 10-year-old, and a 14-year-old, so I definitely know the spectrum of elementary, middle and high school. And I want to make sure that students and teachers and parents have what they need to be successful.”

Parents may not know that APT has resources for them, too. We know parents want to provide their kids with the support and additional instruction they need at home, but it’s sometimes hard to know exactly how to help or what resources to use. If your child has a problem area or if you have a question, APT has resources for your family.

“There are real people at APT,” said Dr. Morton. “And you can always reach out to us. We can lead you to where you need to be and provide you with the resources that you need. We can even develop training for particular problems that exist in our schools today.”

Teacher of the Month

There are so many incredible educators across the state, doing incredible work but not getting the attention they deserve. That's why we decided to shed light on one teacher each month with our inaugural Teacher of the Month program!

We just kicked it off last month, and we're excited to announce Susan Norrell from Daphne Middle School is our inaugurated August Teacher of the Month! This monthly recognition program is for K-12 educators across Alabama who are dedicated, passionate and committed to Alabama youth and life-long learning.

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Watch the full interview with Dr. Briana Morton in Spotlight on Education.

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