E.O. Wilson Tribute

Attend a free online event from Library of America recognizing Pulitzer Prize-winning sociobiologist and author E.O. Wilson on Earth Day.

E.O. Wilson: An Earth Day Tribute

Thursday, April 22, 6:00 to 7:00 pm EST

 Presented in partnership with the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward O. Wilson has transformed our sense of the natural world and humanity’s place in it. In a time of climate crisis and shrinking biodiversity, his lyrical, thought-provoking, and increasingly prophetic work inspires wonder and reverence for our fragile natural world.

 Join renowned nature and science writer David Quammen, editor of the new LOA collection Edward O. Wilson: Biophilia, The Diversity of Life, Naturalist, award-winning environmental journalist Bill Finch, and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and Wilson biographer Richard Rhodes for an Earth Day exploration of Wilson’s legacy as naturalist, writer, and thinker. Special guest: documentary filmmaker Graham Townsley (E. O. Wilson: Of Ants and Men).  Register Now for this free event.

Watch E.O. Wilson: Of Ants and Men

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