Doug Phillips Explores Insect Wonders

Thursday night, Doug Phillips guides viewers into the wonderful realm of insects to explore their incredible diversity, amazing adaptability, and vital contributions to life on earth.


Embark on a fascinating journey into the wonderful world of insects with Dr. Doug Phillips in "Insect Wonders," the latest episode of DISCOVERING ALABAMA. Dr. Phillips unveils the remarkable diversity of Alabama’s insect world as he sheds light on their profound impact on human existence and ecological sustainability.

Comprising the greatest diversity of species on earth and totaling the highest number of all animals known to man, insects are well known for causing devastation. Some species can damage our homes and crops while others cause illnesses and transmit deadly diseases, but how do they assist humans and other life forms? Dr. Doug Phillips answers this and other questions regarding the insect population of Alabama.

From their role in waste decomposition to serving as crucial components in the food chain, “Insect Wonders” delves into the often-overlooked world of insects. Hear from experts around the state and discover the essential role of insects in Alabama’s vast ecosystem, how we benefit from this activity, and why we should preserve the lives of these critters.

Watch DISCOVERING ALABAMA Thurs., April 11 at 8 p.m. on APT/PBS (check listing) or stream it on the PBS App.

Watch the Trailer for "Insect Wonders."

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