Donkey Hodie

New puppet series from Fred Rogers Productions continues Fred Rogers' mission to help young viewers navigate the frustrations and challenges of childhood.

Weekdays at 9:00am & 12:30pm

Premiering on May 3, 2021, Donkey Hodie will feature new original music along with reimagined versions of Fred Rogers’ iconic songs to reinforce and underscore each story’s positive message and fun adventures.

Donkey Hodie lives in the land of Someplace Else, which was created by Fred Rogers as a part of The Neighborhood of Make-Believe on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. As Fred once said: “Do you ever feel that you need to find ‘some place else’ to play sometimes? When somebody says to you, ‘You’re making too much noise!’ You don’t just have to stop everything. No. You do something else. Or you find ‘someplace else’ to do it.”

The granddaughter of the original Donkey Hodie character from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Donkey wakes up each morning with her ears and magenta mane perked up, her eyes wide open, and her determination dialed up to an 11. She’s a curious, sincere, resilient, and charming young go-getter who is beloved by her neighbors in Someplace Else because she is something else. She often bursts out of her windmill with a fresh goal for the day and a hee-haw!

Donkey Hodie is designed for children ages 3-5, but as always, we recommend that parents sit down and watch along with their kids to reinforce the educational messages. Parents can also guide their children to for additional Donkey Hodie games, videos and activities.

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