Capitol Journal - Opioid Addiction

CAPITOL JOURNAL presents a special episode dedicated to the critical issue of opioid addiction in Alabama.

FRIDAY at 7:30PM

APT's Capitol Journal this week tackles the growing problem of opioid addiction which has led to suffering and deaths throughout Alabama and much of the United States. Todd Stacy and his guests will specifically focus on state efforts to prevent young people from becoming addicted to opioids, including advice for parents and teachers about warning signs and how to talk to teenagers about potential problems.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall recently announced a settlement with pharmaceutical companies worth $264 million, which will be spent helping victims and on prevention efforts. As part of that, the Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect was awarded $1.5 million to “invest in reducing adverse childhood experiences driven by parental addiction to opioids.” Alabama Public Television is proud to play a part in helping prevent children and teens from the perils of drug addiction.

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