Big Band of Brothers: A Jazz Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band

Thursday night at 8:30, watch the 16-piece jazz ensemble Big Band of Brothers in a concert recorded live at the Lyric Theatre in Birmingham.

The music of The Allman Brothers Band is reimagined for a 16-piece jazz big band, a musical idea from 50 years ago now made a reality. This project is an exuberant, highly acclaimed studio triumph put together by 22 incredibly talented musicians. The music special coming to APT in January, Big Band of Brothers: A Jazz Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band, is a program of BBOB’s live performance of their studio album, recorded in the Lyric Theatre in Birmingham. With special guest, lead singer and keyboard piano player Randall Bramblett, BBOB’s very own Shane Porter conducts and produces this phenomenal jazz music experience.

The players in this live performance include Rob Alley (trumpet), Mart Avant (trumpet), Dick Aven (saxophone), Billy Bargetzi (trombone), Matt Casey (slide guitar), Steve Collins (saxophone), Dave Crenshaw (percussion), Chad Fisher (trombone), Barney Floyd (trumpet), Chris Gordon (trumpet), Bill Huber (trombone), Chris Kozak (bass guitar), Mark Lanter (drums), Arnold Montgomery (saxophone), Andy Nevala (organ & piano), Brandon Slocumb (trombone), Gary Wheat (saxophone) and Tom Wolfe (guitar).

The Allman Brothers Band formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1969 and ran at the forefront of American classic rock until the late 1990s. The band incorporated elements of blues, jazz and country music and their live shows featured jam band-style improvisation and instrumentals. The musicians in Big Band of Brothers: A Jazz Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band capture the jam-band style and jazz influences of the Allman Brothers’ music. With eleven studio albums and many more live and compilation albums, Rolling Stone ranked the Allman Brothers 52nd on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time in 2004.

BBOB recorded the reimagined album of Allman Brothers classics at the Bates Brothers Recording Studio in Hueytown, Alabama. The first set of the live performance includes the songs “Statesboro Blues” (arr. by Wycliffe Gordon), “Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’” (arr. by Jon Burr), “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” (arr. by Mart Avant), “Hot ‘Lanta” (arr. by Tom Wolfe), “Dreams” (arr. by Tom Wolfe) and “Stand Back” (arr. by Shane Porter). Between each song, Mark Lanter, Shane Porter and Randall Bramblett share their experiences and stories behind the music.

The second set of Big Band of Brothers: A Jazz Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band pays homage to the songs “Don’t Want You No More” (arr. by Tom Wolfe), “It’s Not My Cross To Bear” (arr. by Shane Porter), “King Grand” (arr. by Red Neinkirchen), “Living in a Dream” (arr. by Red Neinkirchen),), “Whipping Post” (arr. by Shane Porter) and “Les Brers in A Minor” (arr. by Shane Porter). Following the finale, Shane Portner introduces each BBOB member by name for a standing ovation, reminding the audience that each person is an indispensable part to the album’s masterful music arrangements.

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