APT Provides Broadcast and Online Resources for Students During COVID

A new school year has begun as Alabama continues to battle a coronavirus pandemic. Amidst the uncertainty, students, teachers and families know they can find tremendous learning resources from Alabama Public Television.

AUGUST 11, 2020

As schools across the state begin to open for the 2020-2021 school year, whether in-person or virtually, Alabama Public Television will continue to serve Alabama’s pre-K-12th grade students, teachers, and families with high-quality broadcast programs and digital resources. Broadcast programming for pre-K through fifth grade students, organized around weekly themes, will be offered daily on APT’s main channel. A five-hour learning block designed for students in grades 6-12 will be available from 11 AM-4 PM Monday through Friday on APT’s WORLD channel. The block includes content in social studies, science/engineering and English Language Arts.

APT’s new website, Learn at Home with Alabama Public Television, includes a variety of activities, downloadable materials and digital resources that complement our broadcast schedules and extend learning opportunities. Live streams of the main, WORLD and PBS KIDS broadcast channels will be available on the Learn at Home website. Teachers and families can access a wide variety of digital resources from APT and PBS LearningMedia, including archives of APT’s award-winning “Learning Adventures,” curated resources on pertinent topics and digital resources aligned with the standards identified as “critical“ for each grade level by the Alabama State Department of Education.

In addition to Alabama Public Television’s resources, PBS Kids for Parents and PBS KIDS offer educational games and apps available to download and use on devices without having to be connected to the internet. APT staff will continue to offer Parent Classrooms and other virtual trainings on how to access and use APT resources.

Most Alabamians receive APT’s broadcasts via cable or satellite, but thousands of others continue to watch our four digital channels over-the-air with an antenna. Broadcast programming is especially important for the many students in Alabama that do not have reliable access to computers or the internet. APT’s nine antennas are positioned throughout the state to provide equal access to APT’s educational content for all Alabamians. Outdoor antennas mounted 30ft. high are recommended for receiving digital broadcasts, but many viewers are successful using smaller indoor antennas, depending on their distance from the transmitters. The transmitters are:

WAIQ, Channel 26 in Montgomery; WBIQ, Channel 10 in Birmingham; WCIQ, Channel 7 at Mt. Cheaha;  WDIQ, Channel 2 in Dozier; WEIQ, Channel 42 in Mobile;  WFIQ, Channel 36 in Florence; WGIQ, Channel 43 in Louisville/Texasville; WHIQ, Channel 25 in Huntsville; and WIIQ, Channel 41 in Demopolis.

 Learn something new every day at www.aptv.org.

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