APT Kids Series Teaches Science with DIY

Science isn't just at school. Kids and families can explore the fun and power of science at home with a new season of APT's hit original series.


FRIDAYS at 5:30 & SATURDAYS AT 9:00AM  PREMIERING  AUGUST  19THDownload DIY Science Notebook

Science Isn’t Just at School.  Science is wherever you are! For example, did you know that if you squeeze orange juice over party balloons they will pop? Learn this and other fun science facts on DIY SCIENCE TIME. Season 2 of APT’s fun and innovative series premieres August 19th and highlights the importance of families learning together while exploring the world.

DIY SCIENCE TIME is designed for learners in grades 4th-6th but is also of interest to younger and older children who are looking to explore amazing science concepts in their home. The series is hosted by Kevin Cornell, also known as Mister C, a science-loving, STEM-driven educator who investigates the world through experiments, demonstrations, and activities. Each episode is specifically designed so that students, along with their families, can follow along and conduct experiments of their own at home using ordinary, household objects.

You can also  watch DIY SCIENCE TIME online!

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