Animal Mothers

Celebrate Mother's Day with a selection of films following animal mothers and their little ones, from mountain goats to bison to leopards, oh my!


Some of the most popular Nature films follow the stories of mothers from the animal kingdom and their chicks, colts, cubs, lambs, and so on.  It seems that even the fiercest creatures are caring moms.

Nature: First Steps - Born in the Rockies

First Steps | Born in the Rockies
From early spring to late summer, follow new animal mothers through the trials of raising a family in the Rocky Mountains. Cranes migrate north to give birth, a bison mother protects her lambs from threats and young mountain goats learn to climb.

Nature: Leopards Legacy

NATURE | The Leopard Legacy
Follow the story of a leopard mother as she raises her cubs near the Luangwa River, facing a constant battle to hunt successfully, defend her territory and protect her cubs against enemies.

Animal Babies: New Frontiers

Animal Babies: First Year on Earth - New Frontiers
Join the baby animals as they near the end of their first year of life. It’s time for these young ones to branch off from the comfort of their mothers and learn to explore the great unknown on their own.

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