Animal Friends

Join Doug Phillips as he introduces some of the many people who care for mistreated or abandoned animals in Alabama.


Thursday, April 20 at 8:00pm

Last year, Doug Phillips chose to tackle a problem he has seen far too often in his journeys across the state - the mistreatment of animals. He spoke with a variety of experts about the great intelligence of ourĀ Animal Friends and their special bonds with people. And he introduced a few of the many caring people who help in situations when animals are subjected to human neglect or cruelty.

Because of the tremendous response to that first program, Phillips now brings us Animal Friends 2. In this new episode, he introduces more examples of the poor treatment that too many animals face, including the many pets that are simply abandoned on the roadside. He also highlights the efforts of animal control officers and many others who work to rescue, treat and find loving homes for cats, dogs, horses and others.

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