AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Marathon on July 22 at 8pm

Create Channel presents a marathon of Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davidson's best home cooking guides.

Watch America's Test Kitchen on Create Channel on July 22.

Hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison head into the test kitchen to bring viewers taste tests, home-cooked recipes, and equipment reviews.

8:00 - Weeknight Italian

Quick one-hour pizza, beef short rib ragu, baking stones and steels, and under-appliance dusters.

8:30 - A Trip to Rome

Pizza al taglio with arugula and mozzarella, black pepper, and pasta alla gricia.

9:00 - Savory and Sweet Italian

Unsweetened chocolate, torta caprese, and meat ravioli with a quick tomato sauce.

9:30 - Rustic French Fare

Classic fougasse, Provencal vegetable soup, and automatic hand soap dispensers.

10:00 - Schnitzel and Roesti

Crispy chicken schnitzel, Swiss potato roesti, and cooking thermometers.

10:30 - Bistro Classics at Home

Shopping for tuna, making a provencal tuna sandwich, and preparing a French bistro classic: salade lyonnaise.

11:00 - Elegant French Desserts

Peach tarte tatin, the perfect pan for every cake, and making financiers.

11:30 - Irish Staples

Classic Irish stew with carrots and turnips, Irish brown soda bread, and all-in-one machines.

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