America Outdoors

Bestselling author Baratunde Thurston takes viewers off the beaten path to discover what drives our passion for the outdoors.


Beginning in July, New York Times bestselling author (How to Be Black), podcaster (How to Citizen with Baratunde), and outdoor enthusiast Baratunde Thurston takes viewers on an adventure-filled journey to explore the diverse array of regions across the U.S. and how those landscapes shape the way Americans work, play and interact with the outdoors.

From wilderness pilots flying “below the rim” in Idaho, to coal miners turned beekeepers in Appalachia, to Black surfers catching waves in Los Angeles, AMERICA OUTDOORS WITH BARATUNDE THURSTON introduces viewers to a vivid cast of characters whose outdoor lives are shaped by where they live.

“This show was so much more than I expected,” Baratunde Thurston said. “I got a chance to reconnect with the beautifully diverse people of this country on the common ground we all share. From Indigenous nations who were here before we became a nation, to multi-generation ranchers and watermen, to newly arrived refugees, this isn’t just a show about the outdoors. It’s a show about America. Oh, and the cinematography is just epic. Best selfies of my life for sure.”


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