America Outdoors Season 2

Baratunde Thurston celebrates America's great outdoors with new episodes featuring Georgia, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Maine.


One of the popular new shows PBS introduced last year is back again this fall with six new episodes of discovery! AMERICA OUTDOORS WITH BARATUNDE THURSTON returns with a brand new season as the best-selling writer, podcaster and comedian travels across the US to uncover more amazing stories about how we work, play and interact with the outdoors.

In a country as diverse as America, Baratunde is on a mission to see how culture, history and the land itself are shaping what we do when we step through our front doors to embrace an outdoor way of life. From a champion ice climber in Utah to BIPOC mountain bikers in the Ozarks, from biologists saving snapping turtles on the Suwannee River to a scientist revealing what happens to the human body when we spend time in nature, Baratunde meets a fascinating cast of Americans with one thing in common: a passion for the great outdoors.

In Wednesday night's premiere, Baratunde explores the Suwannee, one of the last wild rivers in America. From its headwaters in the Okefenokee Swamp, Baratunde journeys downstream, meeting colorful denizens of the Suwannee. From jet skiers to herpetologists, manatees to snapping turtles, he learns how this unique environment inspires a whole range of passions.

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