All Creatures Labor Day Marathon

Spend your Labor Day in the Yorkshire Dales with James, Helen, Ziegfried, Tristan, Mrs. Hall and all their animal friends!

MONDAY, SEPT. 4th...   9:00AM - 6:00PM

Join Alabama Public Television this Labor Day as we celebrate the stories of James Herriot with all seven episodes of All Creatures Great and Small Season 3 on MASTERPIECE. The beautiful Yorkshire Dales are the backdrop for stories of warmth, wit and generosity of spirit. The amazing cast assembled by MASTERPIECE have captured the hearts of viewers as they bring to life stories that have charmed readers for decades.

9:00am  Second Time Lucky
A missing ring is just one snag as James and Helen's wedding date approaches. A farmer's cow may have TB.

10:15am Honeymoon's Over
As James and Helen settle into married life, James uneasily becomes Siegfried's partner at the clinic; Tristan must make new adjustments.

11:30am Surviving Siegfried
Siegfried's war experiences resurface as he struggles to save a young racehorse; Helen faces a decision over James' TB testing plan.

12:45pm  What a Balls Up!
James' TB testing plan mistakenly puts a prize cow in danger; Helen struggles with her vocation; Mrs. Hall and Tristan have brushes with love.

2:00pm Edward
Mrs. Hall conquers demons from her past; Tristan discovers the challenge of housekeeping; Helen is at loose ends.

3:15pm For Whom the Bell Tolls
Everyone faces decisions as war comes in September 1939; romance beckons for Tristan and Mrs. Hall; tuberculosis plagues Helen's farm.

4:30 Merry Bloody Christmas
It's Christmas and Siegfried must decide whether to protect Tristan at the cost of River's welfare; Mrs. Hall realizes she should face her feelings for Gerald.

APT Passport
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