A Space for Healing

Matt Paxton and his team from LEGACY LIST visit Birmingham and discover memories and mementoes from the city's civil rights struggle.

SUNDAY, FEB. 5 at 5:00PM

The 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, became a pivotal event in the Civil Rights Movement. Now, years later, Matt is in town to help Lisa and Kimberly, the sisters of one of the little girls who was killed, downsize their longtime home, filled with powerful memories and mementoes from the tragedy. It’s an emotional journey for everyone as Matt and the team discover items that haven’t been seen since the bombing and help the sisters separate the clutter from the treasures buried within their longtime family home.

"A Space for Healing" is part of the fourth season of LEGACY LIST, which focuses on families preparing to downsize their homes. Episodes capture each family's emotional journey as Matt and his team of historians, conservators and experts travel the country to uncover diverse family stories and help them sort through a house full of memories.

A package marked "Dr. King's Funeral" is found.Matt Paxton with sisters Lisa and Kim McNair

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