2021 ABBY Awards

APT received 2021 ABBY Awards for Best Documentary and Best Public Service for our response to the COVID pandemic.

Alabama Public Television was honored Monday, March 29 by the Alabama Broadcasters Association with two 2021 ABBY Awards.

APT received the ABBY Award for Best Documentary for Monograph, our broadcast/digital series that spotlights Alabama’s arts & culture. Monograph covered the great work of Alabama artists during the very difficult situation experienced in 2020.

The ABBY award for Public Service Project recognized the critical programming and services of Alabama Public Television to communities throughout the state during the pandemic.  As part of Learn at Home with Alabama Public Television, APT broadcast extensive educational programming for students in grades pre-K through 12, created a new website for families learning at home, and worked with Alabama Schools to meet the needs of teachers in unprecedented conditions. APT presented two specials for small businesses effected by the pandemic, and provided viewers with extensive information on COVID through local and national programming including weekly updates from State Health Officer on CAPITOL JOURNAL, as well as TV spots and online articles.

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