1,000 New Members

Get your hand in the game! Join the community of viewers who give to Alabama Public Television and help us reach our goal of 1,000 new members by Dec. 31!

If these kids shake hands they will create green and orange and purple. The more hands there are, the more colors they can create!  Can you lend a hand?

Alabama Public Television is seeking 1,000 new members by Dec. 31 to help us create a 2021 schedule filled with color: engaging stories, fresh perspectives, and discoveries to satisfy your curiosity.

Many people have found APT to be vitally important in the past several months – providing local, national and international news on the pandemic, supporting schools and families with extensive programming and online resources, and at the end of the day, providing great entertainment for you when you need a break from it all.

GIVE NOW . Together we can help everyone in Alabama meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

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