Interning with Alabama Public Television's Birmingham Production Department

Department Description:
The Birmingham Production Department is dedicated to telling Alabama stories in ways that make them not only relevant to Alabamians but to the nation as a whole. Through strong production values and an eye for the unique, the Department seeks to chronicle those people and places that have always deserved attention but somehow slipped through the cracks.

Internship Description:
This internship primarily consists of video editing on professional editing platforms.  APT seeks to provide a solid educational experience to participants by broadening their understanding of public television and every level of professional television production.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Refining editing skills in Final Cut X
  • Creating promotional pieces for APT’s Development and Public Information departments
  • “B” camera operation
  • Location Production Assistance
  • Assistant Editing
  • Exporting files in a variety of formats for broadcast and web
  • Becoming familiar with emerging industry recording media standards and data storage
  • Production narrative and industry research

The candidate must be currently enrolled in college and ideally a Film, Media, Communications, History, or English major at a nearby university. Candidates should have strong computer and troubleshooting skills and be able to work independently in a technical environment with little supervision.  Basic working knowledge of Adobe Premiere and/or Final Cut Pro X required. Experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is also recommended.

Please note this job description is meant to be a generic description and represents the minimum job duties an individual may be required to perform. Individual departments will/can customize job descriptions and hours of work to meet their specific needs.

Interested applicants should mail, email or fax resume to:

J. Whitson
Alabama Public Television
2112 11 th Ave S, Suite 400
Birmingham, AL 35205
Fax: (205) 251-2192
[email protected]

Alabama Public Television is an equal opportunity employer.

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