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Alabama Public Television Audience Profile

PBS Audience: Broad Reach & Viewership

  • PBS reaches 93% of all U.S. households.
  • Each month, over 95 million viewers watch their local PBS station.
  • 82% of U.S. households & 200 million people watch PBS.
  • 68 % of all kids ages 2-8 watched PBS during the 2015-2016 season.
  • 50% of parents co-view PBS with their kids ages 2-11, with 2/3rds of moms watching with their children.
  • 80% of moms agree that sponsors of PBS programs are trustworthy & exceptional.
  • 80% of Americans surveyed agree that PBS is the undisputed leader in children`s programming.
  • 36% of PBS Viewers research more information on a company, product, or service with spots on our channel.
  • 18% actually bought a product or service that sponsored PBS programming.
  • 19% of those motivated to purchase bought a car.
  • For 14 consecutive years, PBS is rated #1 in TRUST among nationally known institutions, including commercial TV networks.

PBS/APT Audience: Affluent & Educated:

  • PBS Audience is selective & loyal: most viewers count on PBS to be their source for news, education, & entertainment.
  • PBS viewers are more likely to be affluent: higher median incomes, net worth, and liquid assets.
  • PBS viewers are more likely to have a college education.
  • 21 percent of PBS viewers are more likely to have post-graduate degrees.
  • PBS donors and contributors are more likely to hold the job title of President.
  • Viewers of PBS Arts & Performances are 201% more likely to attend art galleries & shows.
  • Viewers of PBS Drama programs are 350% more likely to attend classical music & opera performances, and 144% more likely to be affiliated with a Charitable Organization.
  • Viewers of Great Performances are 120% more likely to visit Museums.

PBS viewers are Civic-minded & active in their communities:

  • 55 percent more likely to have written to an elected official about an issue
  • 60 percent more likely to have addressed a public meeting
  • Masterpiece viewers are 56% more likely to be a member of a group that that tries to influence public policy or government.
  • Find public television more interesting, informative, educational and stimulating than either cable or network television.
  • Viewers of NOVA are 123% more likely to participate & contribute to Environmental groups & causes.

Statewide Coverage

  • Alabama Public Television reaches 1,981,150 households in Alabama including every major DMA. 14.9% of those households tune in to APT every week.
  • Clutter Stats: Primetime Non-programming minutes:

    • PBS: 3 minutes,15 seconds
    • Commercial TV : 14 minutes, 33 seconds
    • Cable TV : 14 minutes, 40 seconds

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