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Posted Mar 7, 2019

Sesame Street Guides for Parents and Communities

Children in Crisis Need Comfort
APT Provides Resources for Parents and Communities

When crises like Sunday's tornadoes in South Alabama take place, the comfort and reassurance of parents and caregivers are tremendously important to children. SESAME STREET has created a number of resources for parents and caregivers to help children deal with the toughest, scariest days, and these can be found on Alabama Public Television’s website,

“After an emergency, children are understandably upset and worried about what will happen next,” says Roy Clem, executive director of APT. “Parents and community members can do a number of things to help children feel safe and secure.”

The Here for Each Other Family and Community Provider guides, developed by SESAME STREET, include important safety tips as well as guidance on how to look for signs of stress, how to answer children’s questions, and how to help them deal with the feelings they are having. The guide suggests ways parents can model healthy ways of coping, keep a routine, create a safety net and monitor the media.  The guides also remind adults the importance of caring for their own physical and emotional needs.  

“Any child that has been watching or listening to the news about the tornadoes may be worried about their own safety and the safety of their loved ones,” says Clem. “These guides can be helpful to parents far away from a disaster as well as those that have experienced one.”

This is just the beginning of the tornado season in Alabama and children are likely to hear more news about dangerous storms in coming months. The SESAME STREET guides will continue to be available on APT’s website for download whenever parents and communities need them. A number of emergency preparedness resources and links to state and national organizations can also be found at