Doug Phillips Celebrates Alabama Countryside
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Posted Jun 17, 2013

Doug Phillips Celebrates Alabama Countryside

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Doug Phillips has been exploring Alabama’s outdoors for almost thirty years on Alabama Public Television.  The newest program in the Emmy® Award-winning Discovering Alabama series might be his most ambitious undertaking yet: to capture the essence of what Alabama is, and how the Alabama countryside defines who the people of Alabama are. “Alabama Countryside” premieres Monday, June 17 at 9:00pm and Sunday, June 23 at 6:00pm on APT.

“Alabama has 300 different soil types, including some of the best in the world,” Phillips says. “We have 70,000 miles of rivers and streams and 23 million acres of forest lands. We have 8.5 million acres of farmland.”  But Phillips points out that more Alabamians now live in the city than in rural areas, and people are losing touch with the rural way of life.

John McMillian, Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industry, talks about the importance of agriculture to our food security as more and more of what we eat comes from overseas.  Several guests discuss mistakes made in the past, like the clear-cutting of so many trees, and the consequences we live with today because of these poor practices.  The lesson: what we do today will make a big difference in our quality of life tomorrow. “Do you want new development to shape the character of Alabama, or do you want the character of Alabama to shape new development,” one guest asks.

“Alabama Countryside” includes some of the most gorgeous photography of Alabama’s rural landscape ever seen in the series, and the discussion of how this landscape influences our everyday lives is important to consider as we plan for the state’s future.

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Dr. Doug Phillips of Discovering Alabama.

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Dr. Doug Phillips hosts Discovering Alabama

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Dr. Doug Phillips, Host of Discovering Alabama

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