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Project C: The Montgomery Bus Boycott Teacher Resources

Recommended for Seventh Grade to Adult Learner

Montgomery Bus Boycott  60th Anniversary 1955-2015


Video---    Justice Without Violence  Alabama Public Television Documentary
The story of the now legendary Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955-1956. Locally engineered by the African American community, this nonviolent protest to end bus segregation inspired a new era in freedom and human rights struggles around the globe. Never has a movement so successfully united a group of people across class, gender and age.
 Teaching Tolerance
Beyond the Bus: Teaching the Unseen Story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott  guide for teaching about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
Rosa Parks Museum and Library resources--Troy University Montogomery Campus  museum website and library website.
The Life of Rosa Parks
Montgomery Bus Boycott 
WBHM/NPR station 60 Years Later, What Can Activists Learn From The Montgomery Bus Boycott?  In collaboration with member station WVAS in Montgomery, a live storytelling event at the Dexter Street Baptist church in Montgomery will also feature a Twitter chat to bring the conversation to a broad social audience. You can be part of that conversation Tuesday December 1,at 6:30 p.m. CT. Just use the hashtag #busboycott60 while listening to the event live here.
Additional Resources
1.  Montgomery Bus Boycott----Alabama Department of Archives and History Using Primary Sources in the Classroom   Civil Rights Movement Unit Lesson 1: Riding the Bus - Taking a Stand 
2.  Rosa Parks Trained for Life Full of Activism--PBS video
3.  Click here to view an interview with civil rights activist Rosa Parks in which she describes her role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
4.  PBS's American Experience  Eyes on the Prize--The Montgomery Bus Boycott.
5.  The Montgomery Bus Boycott- They Changed the World   and Voices of the Boycott  
6.  Bus Boycott: Historical Documents Highlight Integration Milestone
7.  Rosa Parks Bus--The Story Behind the Bus
8.  Montgomery Improvement Association--organized the Bus Boycott in Montgomery following Rosa Parks arrest
9. Encyclopedia entry  Montgomery Improvement Association
10. Interview with Rosa Parks
11. Recorded Interview NPR - No Meekness Here: Meet Rosa Parks, 'Lifelong Freedom Fighter'