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LabTV - Season 2

Season 2

Welcome to LabTV, created by the National Defense Education Program. At the K-12 (pre-college) level, NDEP emphasizes hands-on learning experiences and encourages students and teachers of all ages to "learn by doing" with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Learning Modules. This is season the second season of LabTV Webisodes. These webisodes are aimed at enhancing and building America's strength in science, technology, engineering and math by showing the amazing research that is everyday work at various Department of Defense labs around the country.

Video Segments for LabTV - Season 2

1. 3-D Teleconference

Length: 4 mins. 20 secs.

Can You See Me Now?

2. A Flock of Robots

Length: 4 mins. 40 secs.

Flying High Using Automation

3. Amazing Aegis BMD

Length: 4 mins. 24 secs.

Aegis Defense System Targets Unfriendly Fire

4. Biothreats

Length: 4 mins. 21 secs.

Patrolling for Enemy Bugs to Keep Americans Safe

5. Bounce Back

Length: 4 mins. 28 secs.

Using Radar, the Answer Is in the Echo

6. Breathe Easy

Length: 4 mins. 33 secs.

Ship Filters Keep It Clean

7. Ceramics

Length: 4 mins. 24 secs.

This Material Won't Melt Away

8. Clean Chemistry

Length: 4 mins. 21 secs.

Decontamination Is Key to Toxic Spills

9. Color Writing

Length: 4 mins. 16 secs.

Analyzing Fuel to Keep Jets Flying High

10. Don't Sweat It

Length: 4 mins. 36 secs.

Scientists Are Protecting Soldiers at Any Temperature

11. Eat Up!

Length: 4 mins. 25 secs.

Food Scientists Figure Out How to Feed the Troops

12. First-Person Thinker

Length: 3 mins. 58 secs.

A Video Game of People Skills

13. Flying Fuel Cells

Length: 4 mins. 34 secs.

Adding New Life to Aircraft Technology

14. Foot Soldier

Length: 4 mins. 32 secs.

Happy Feet in the Field

15. Gimme Shelter

Length: 4 mins. 29 secs.

Army Develops Super Structures to Safeguard Troops

16. Green Ships

Length: 4 mins. 33 secs.

Navy Scientists Help Sailors Keep the Ocean Blue

17. Just Add Water

Length: 4 mins. 34 secs.

New Fuel from Aluminum Nanoparticles

18. Laser Dazzlers

Length: 4 mins. 15 secs.

A Stop Sign in Any Language

19. Lego Champs

Length: 4 mins. 29 secs.

Robots Connect Students to an Engineering Future

20. Light Antennas

Length: 4 mins. 49 secs.

Making the Connection Between Light and Electricity

21. Light Stage

Length: 4 mins. 25 secs.

Amazing Avatars Worthy of the Army and Hollywood

22. Making Metal

Length: 4 mins. 56 secs.

Mixing and Matching for Strength and Versatility

23. Mission to Mars

Length: 3 mins. 38 secs.

Surviving in Space is All Part of the Fun

24. MPod

Length: 3 mins. 55 secs.

It's All at Their Hands

25. On My Wavelength

Length: 4 mins. 37 secs.

Air Force Engineers Are Sending the Right Signals

26. Perfect Fit

Length: 4 mins. 3 secs.

Making Sure Marines Fit Perfectly

27. Plug-N-Play Satellites

Length: 4 mins. 8 secs.

A Revolution in Spacecraft Design

28. Power Harvesting: Induction Magic

Length: 4 mins. 15 secs.

Pulling Energy From the Sky

29. Power Harvesting: The Bat Hook

Length: 4 mins. 15 secs.

Helping Special Ops 'Superheroes'

30. Real World Design Challenge

Length: 4 mins. 41 secs.

Make It Fly

32. Sea Perch

Length: 4 mins. 23 secs.

Students Build Sea Perches to Learn Laws of Buoyancy

32. Ship Shape: Designing New Ships

Length: 4 mins. 33 secs.

Nautical Engineers Design Safe, Smart, and Sound Vessels

33. Ship Shape: Making Models

Length: 3 mins. 57 secs.

Building Mini-Ships Is No Game

34. Space Hitchhikers: The ESPA Ring

Length: 4 mins. 4 secs.

This Rocket Science Makes Total Sense

35. Spinning Nanofibers

Length: 4 min. 15 secs.

Army Chemists Create Tiny Fibers With Huge Potential

36. Tracking the Flu

Length: 4 mins. 38 secs.

Lifesaving Research Works on Killer Virus

37. Wafer Power: Building Circuits

Length: 4 mins. 44 secs.

From Sand to Semiconductors

38. Wafer Power: Mighty Silicon

Length: 4 mins. 37 secs.

This Abundant Element Is a Gem in the Lab

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