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Don't Sweat It

Video Overview
Our troops go into all types of environments -- some very cold or hot -- to perform their missions. Scientists at an Army research lab in Natick, Massachusetts, are studying the effects of extreme temperatures on volunteer subjects so they can figure out the best way to help soldiers endure challenging climates. In a hot environment, for example, the body absorbs heat and its core temperature increases -- and sweating is the way the body cools itself. But what happens if a soldier is wearing an insect repellent containing DEET? Does it interfere with sweating and restrict the body's ability to get rid of heat? "All science really is, is a way of asking questions," says research physiologist Robert Kenefick. "Sometimes you might be finding things out that nobody has ever seen before."

Key Terms:

Human Temperature Regulation
Climatic Chambers
Fahrenheit and Celsius Temp. Conversion
The Scientific Method


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