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I Cried

Derick R Hill
HSC 15th Medical Battalion
Vietnam Veteran 1970

They hurried to bring you in, but they need not to have hurried. Your ghostly white body already drained of blood: a shredded green uniform never to be worn again.

I knew not who you were, nor what your life had been. I thought of your family, your wife, or your girlfriend. They were, as of yet, unaware of a horrible truth-a truth that when learned would affect the rest of their lives.

Then I thought that maybe you had no one. No one to know or care of your death. No one to cry for what had happened.

Then I began to cry.

I cried for what you had been made to do.

I cried for the senseless immaturity and inhumanity of war.

I cried for what you would be missing in a life cut all too short.

I cried because I saw myself in you.

I knew not who you were nor what your life had been, but I cried for you and I cried for mankind.