Rates and Info for Sponsoring an Alabama Public Television Program

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Alabama Public Television Underwriting Rates and Information

Day Part Time Length Price Placement
Primetime: Monday - Sunday 7pm-11pm :15 $200 ROS
    :15 $225 Adjacent
    :15 $250 Program Sponsor
Daytime: Monday - Friday (PBS Kids) 7am- 7pm :15 $100 ROS
    :15 $125 Program Sponsor
Saturday & Sunday (PBS Kids) 7am-11:30am :15 $100 ROS
    :15 $125 Program Sponsor
Saturday & Sunday Noon-7pm :15 $100 ROS
    :15 $150 Program Sponsor
Overnight: Monday - Sunday 11pm-7am :15 $50 ROS
    :15 $75 Program Sponsor

ROS: Run of Schedule
Your message will air within this time period, but not at a specified time/location.

Your message will air before or after a specified program.

Program Sponsor
Your message will air at the start of a specified program.

Your message can be :15 seconds in length. If you would like to air a :30 second message, please double the price shown, or for a minimal annual contract of $25,000 or more--please simply add an additional 50%. For example:

  :15 Length :30 Length :30 Length with Minimum Contract
Primetime $190 $380 $285 ROS
Daytime $90 $180 $135 ROS

For specific program sponsorship positions, rate may be negotiable with a 52 week contract commitment.

Non Profits
APT offers a non-profit discount to 501(c)3 organizations. You can see a complete non-profit rate sheet here.

For a complete schedule of upcomg programs, along with an estimated cost breakdown please select a program to sponsor.

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