Pledge Programs for Sat March 18, 2017

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12:30 amRock Rewind 1969 (My Music)

Take a time-tripping visit to the psychedelic era with host Tommy James. Featuring rare vintage TV appearances by the decade's most popular artists including Sonny & Cher, The 5th Dimension, Dusty Springfield, The Supremes and more.

1:00 amGreat Performances Dudamel Conducts the Verdi Requiem at the Hollywood Bowl

In commemoration of the Giuseppe Verdi bicentennial in 2013, Music Director Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic performed a thrilling concert of Verdi

3:00 amTo Catch A Comet

Watch this compelling documentary that details the complexities and challenges of the 10-year, four-million-mile journey of the European Space Agency's spacecraft Rosetta as it chased down and landed on a comet in a history-making feat.

4:00 amThis Old House Hour

The kitchen island countertop is installed, the crew starts on a fieldstone wall in the yard and heating, cooling and ventilation systems are finished. On ASK THIS OLD HOUSE, Richard solves a hot water issue by being indirect and Tom panels a room.

5:00 amWorkplace Essential Skills

Workplace Essential Skills teaches skills and attitudes necessary to succeed at work. Learners see how to prepare resumes and applications and how to prepare themselves for interviews and work. In-depth documentary and scripted footage shows learners what employers are looking for and how to thrive in a new job.

5:30 amSit and Be Fit Good Alignment

By doing exercises with eyes closed, Mary Ann builds an awareness of how good spinal alignment feels. Mary Ann gives a tip of the day.

6:00 amSit and Be Fit New Challenges

Mary Ann introduces a new abdominal exercise called the 'Ski Jump' and Gretchen gives you a new balance challenge.

6:30 amWai Lana Yoga Hamstring Balance

You'll learn to focus as you balance in these standing leg stretches. Rock 'n Roll will give your spine a gentle massage.

7:00 amRight From Birth: A Parenting Series Self-Competence: Fifteen to Eighteen Months

Clearly a unique individual, a toddler is more independent, and ready to try new adventures and your patience!

7:30 amThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Many Ants Make Light Work/Nest Best Thing

Many Ants Make Light Work - Nick and Sally are trying to put up a tent in their backyard but it's not working! Nick is pulling when Sally is pushing and it's just making a giant heap! Good thing the Cat knows a million trillion friends who are experts at teamwork! He whisks the kids off to visit an ant colony where Nick and...

8:00 amPeg + Cat The Big Dog Problem/The Three Friends Problem

The Big Dog Problem - Peg's yard. When Peg and Cat need to mail some important letters for Peg's Mom, they find their path to the mailbox blocked by a really big dog. Primary Content: Height; Secondary Content: Direction, sets that can't be divided equally. The Three Friends Problem - Peg's yard. When Peg and Cat are playin...

8:30 amDinosaur Train Arnie Rides The Flatcar/Old Reliable

Buddy, Tiny, and Mom visit their very large sauropod friend, Arnie Argentinosaurus, and his dad. Arnie has grown bigger since our kids have seen him and is now too big to ride on the Dinosaur Train anymore. Tiny and Buddy arrange with Mr. Conductor for Arnie to be the first big dinosaur to ride on the newest Dinosaur Train ...

9:00 amWild Kratts The Mystery of the Two Horned Narwhal

During an argument over what is better - horns or antlers - Martin and Chris decide to go on an adventure with the horned Narwhal of the Arctic. But once they get there, they soon discover sometimes a horn isn't a horn and soon are unraveling the mystery of this amazing creature. Science Concept : Differences between horns,...

9:30 amOdd Squad Trials and Tubulations

In this half-hour episode, the tube system breaks and Olive and Otto are left stranded in a dangerous forest. Curriculum: Geometry and spatial sense: using a map to identify landmarks and navigate to a location.

10:00 amBiz Kid$ Businesses Going Green

Explore the profitable side of going green. Learn how to distinguish between hype and what's hip.

10:30 amSciGirls Super Sleuths

At a forensics summer camp, friends team up with forensic scientists to solve a mysterious theft.

11:00 amAge Fix with Anthony Youn, MD

Everyone ages whether they like it or not. But it doesn't mean that some signs of aging can't be fixed. Have you ever thought that it would be great to have friend, who just happened to be a plastic surgeon, and you could ask anything and get a straight answer? Someone who won't judge you about your insecurities but would o...

12:30 pmAge-Proof with Michael Roizen, Md and Jean Chatsky

Live to 100 without breaking a hip - or your bank account! The new pledge special, 'AGE-PROOF,' featuring bestselling authors Dr. Michael Roizen and Jean Chatzky, will give you a practical roadmap toward your very best possible health as you age - physical, mental, and financial!

2:00 pmEat Fat Get Thin with Dr. Mark Hyman

Many of us have long been told that fat makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, and generally erodes our health. Now a growing body of research is debunking our fat-phobia, revealing the health and weight-loss benefits of a higher fat diet rich in eggs, nuts, healthy oils, avocados, and other delicious super-foods. In t...

4:00 pmEd Slott's Retirement Road Map 2017

Greedy Wall Street Banks and Uncle Sam are out to grab your hard earned retirement savings. Ed Slott, America's IRA Expert, shows you how to steer clear of the bumps, potholes and roadblocks in your retirement.

6:00 pmBee Gees: One Night Only

THE BEE GEES: ONE NIGHT ONLY features the group's 1997 concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. One of the very few Bee Gees performances ever filmed, the music special showcases many of their greatest disco and pop hits, including 'How Deep Is Your Love,' 'To Love Somebody,' 'Massachusetts,' 'You Should Be Dancing/Alone,' an...

7:30 pmNitty Gritty Dirt Band: 50 Years and Circlin' Back

Celebrate the groundbreaking band's musical milestones and hits along with special guests Vince Gill, John Prine, Jackson Browne, Alison Krauss, Rodney Crowell, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jimmy Ibbotson, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas and Byron House.

9:00 pmThe Highwaymen Live at Nassau Coliseum

Join Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson -'the Mt. Rushmore of country music'- for this live concert recorded in 1990. The Highwaymen perform classics like 'Big River,' 'Me and Bobby McGee' and 'Always on My Mind.'

10:30 pmRock Rewind 1967-1969 (My Music)

Take a time-tripping visit to the psychedelic era with host Tommy James. Featuring rare vintage TV appearances by the decade's most popular artists including Sonny & Cher, The 5th Dimension, Dusty Springfield, The Supremes and more.

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