DVD-Journey Live in Houston 1981-The Escape Tour

DVD-Journey Live in Houston 1981-The Escape Tour

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Track List: 1. Open Arms 2. Who's Crying Now 3. Don't Stop Believin' 4. Stone In Love 5. Any Way You Want It 6. Band Interview 1981-1982 7. Slide Show; Audio Bed 8. Journey Escape TV Promo 9. Original Aired Closing Credit 10. Intro 11. Escape 12. Line of Fire 13. Lights 14. Stay Awhile 15. Mother, Father 16. Jonathan Cain Solo 17. Where Were You 18. Steve Smith Solo 19. Dead or Alive 20. Keep on Runnin' 21. Neal Schon Solo 22. Wheel in the Sky 23. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' Bonus Material: *Band interview 1981/1982 *Journey Escape TV Promo 1981 *Slideshow *Original aired closing credits

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