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DVD: Joy Bauers Food Remedies

DVD: Joy Bauers Food Remedies

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JOY BAUER'S FOOD REMEDIES! is a special that explores and explains serious health issues in a fun and friendly format - all with a step-by-step action plan. A nutritionist for more than two decades, Joy Bauer has helped her patients learn the proper foods to eat to lose weight and gain health. And, perhaps most importantly, Joy motivates people to take the first steps towards better health through what they eat.
Subjects covered include:
Pistachios help lower your cholesterol; Coffee and tea may protect your brain and enhance memory; Ginger and turmeric are potent anti-inflammatories and may help relieve arthritis pain; Whole grains dramatically reduce your blood pressure; Lentils and beans increase you energy and improve mood; Berries, broccoli, onions and pomegranates are bursting with cancer-fighting ingredients.

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