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All Nine Episodes Available Now on Passport

We're pleased to announce another special viewing opportunity for APT Passport members. You can now watch all episodes of the new PBS series CIVILIZATIONS without waiting for the broadcasts. If you're not already a member, GET APT PASSPORT NOW.

Inspired by Civilisation, Kenneth Clark’s landmark 1969 acclaimed series about Western art, this bold new series will reveal the role art and the creative imagination have played in the forging of humanity itself, and introduce a new generation to works of beauty, ingenuity and illumination created across cultures and continents. From the landscape scrolls of classical China and the sculpture of the Olmecs to African bronzes, Japanese prints and French Impressionist paintings, CIVILIZATIONS will explore the wealth of treasures created by cultures around the globe.

In the near future, APT Passport members will have two more special opportunities: early access to Masterpiece's "Little Women" and to a new season of Great British Baking Show. Stay tuned for those announcements.

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