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Journey Proud

Journey Proud is Alabama Public Television's new documentary series highlighting the People, Customs, and Traditions of Alabama. Hosted by Joey Brackner, Director of the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture, Journey Proud canvases the state documenting Alabama

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Episode#: 405
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FFA Music
The Future Farmers of America is more than production farming preparation and agriculture science. The organization has also fostered leadership in a wide number of fields including that of the arts. For many years, this national high school organization has sponsored music programs which encourage local music traditions such as bluegrass style string band and gospel quartet. Journey Proud travels to lower Alabama to profile one such string band and their participation in a regional competition. Joey Brackner hosts.
Episode#: 404
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Grave Houses
Grave houses or grave shelters are wooden structures that have been built over burials in southern cemeteries for some two hundred years. No one is quite sure why this tradition began but everyone agrees that the lack of maintenance of these enigmatic structures makes them an endangered cultural artifact. Journey Proud welcomes cultural geographer Dr. Greg Jeane as we visit examples of the Alabama grave house and meet the people who are saving them for the future.
Episode#: 403
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Freedom's Eve
Episode#: 402
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Squirrel Hunting
Squirrel meat was once a mainstay for Alabama families. This plentiful and inexpensive staple has its roots in our frontier period when specialized rifles and dog breeds were developed specifically for hunting this small game. Today, a dedicated group continues to raise and train squirrel dogs, hunt them, and make delicious dishes from this small game.
Episode#: 401
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Herbal Medicine
For generations, certain members of American communities have acquired centuries-old knowledge of the use of plants in medicine. We'll travel to the woods with Darryl Patton and his apprentice as he gathers plants and teaches, using the Alabama forest as his classroom.
Episode#: 309
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Alabama Sausage
Alabamians love their pork barbecue, but the state is also home to several sausage manufacturers ? some well-known and some who are emerging. Journey Proud visits two of the up-and-coming sausage makers in the state, Monroe County Sausage and Fatback Pig, to see ? how the sausage is made.? Located at opposite ends of the state, in Beatrice and Eva, Alabama, these businesses have developed their own ? flavor profiles? and spice combinations.
Episode#: 308
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For Orthodox Christians the paintings of Christ, the Saints and other biblical figures in Churches, chapels and homes are not just art but an integral part of worship. Journey Proud visits Elias Katsaros, who immigrated to Alabama from Greece and has become one of the nation's premiere icon painters. His Byzantine style, which uses earth tones with gold leaf, adorn sanctuaries across America. We'll visit his Huntsville studio where he is teaching the next generation of iconographers. Joey Brackner hosts.
Episode#: 307
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Piney Woods Cattle
In Covington County, some beef producing families have continued to raise a pioneer breed of cattle descended from those brought by the Spanish during the colonial period. JOURNEY PROUD visits these cattlemen to learn why they raise these herds and how the longleaf pine ecosystem in this part of Alabama helped keep alive an older practice of free range grazing.
Episode#: 306
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Mardi Gras Floats
Local artists in Mobile work year-round to design and construct the large floats that define the parades of local Mardi Gras marching societies. The look and themes of these floats change between carnival seasons. Journey Proud visits two Mardi Gras
Episode#: 305
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Americans of Indian descent have introduced the beautiful but impermanent tradition of decorating the ground and especially entrance ways with colored powders, spices and sands. The practice known as Rangoli is waning in both India and the United States but cultural practitioners such as Amita Bhakta are encouraging a revival of this ancient tradition. Journey Proud drops in on Alabama
Episode#: 304
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Jefferson County Gospel
Jefferson County, Alabama, is home to a distinct a cappella gospel style which developed in the African-American community during the regions industrial development in the early 20th century. Featuring a
Episode#: 303
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Dowsing is a traditional method of finding water and other objects underground. Using a forked stick or two metal rods, one walks over the ground hoping for a reaction from the instruments. Larry Smith of Tumbleton in Henry County gives us a crash course on the use of dowsing rods and we find out that one can find more than water using this technique.
Episode#: 302
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Catalpa Worm Fishing
The use of the Catalpa Worm as fish bait may be as old as the American Indian groups who once populated Alabama. The caterpillar of the Catalpa Sphinx Moth seems irresistible to the fresh water fish of southern lakes and streams. Biologist Pete Van Zandt of Birmingham Southern College leads us on an exploration of the life cycle of this caterpillar as we seek out its habitat in Catalpa trees in the Birmingham area. We gather to fish with Catalpa Worms at Birmingham
Episode#: 301
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Turkey Calling
Turkey calling is a tradition that has developed over the generations by hunters who seek to
Episode#: 209
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May Day in Gee's Bend
The community of Boykin in Wilcox County is better known to the world as Gee's Bend and is world- renowned for the fabulous quilts that local women have been making for generations. The annual May Day celebration in Boykin serves as a huge homecoming for people with roots in the Bend. We will meet Gee's Benders as they come from all over the United States to gather on the old school grounds, visit relatives, eat great food and participate in a ritual softball game.
Episode#: 208
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Classical Indian Dance
Sudha Raghuram is a master of Bharatanatyam, a graceful style of classical dance originating in India. As a gifted performer and teacher, Sudha is a strong cultural link for her young students seeking a connection to their Indian heritage. Journey Proud visits Sudha and her students for practice and later at a dance recital of Cinderella adapted to Bharatanatyam style.
Episode#: 207
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Fireball Throwing
The tradition of soaking balls made of cloth in a flammable liquid for throwing is an Old-World holiday practice still found in some Alabama communities. Historian Doug Purcell takes us to visit the Henderson family of Pike County, who gather each year to throw fireballs with family and friends. We will learn how this holiday season tradition is practiced from the making of the fire balls to the rapid throwing and catching between participants.
Episode#: 206
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Bayou La Batre
The fishing community of Bayou La Batre in southern Mobile County has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in Alabama including several groups from Southeast Asia. Over the last thirty five years, Asian cultural traditions have become the latest layer of culture to help define this unique community. Charlie Tran gives us a tour of his town and we meet fisherman, restaurateurs, artists and community leaders.
Episode#: 205
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Mobile Brass Bands
Mobile has played an important role in the development of the brass band sound of the Gulf South. The Excelsior Band, founded in 1883 as musicians for the Creole Fire House, continue as an institution. Their prominent role during carnival season as Mobile's musical ambassadors has inspired a new generation of brass bands. In "Mobile Brass Bands,"
Episode#: 204
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Guadalupe Celebration
The Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated on December 12 by Mexicans throughout the world and commemorates the storied appearance of the Virgin Mary to the Indian Juan Diego in 1531, marking the beginning of Christianity in Mexico. At St. Theresa's Catholic Church in Leeds, Alabama, the observance of this festival ensures a level of cultural continuity for young Mexican-Americans and a fellowship opportunity for all members of a diverse congregation.

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