Now with more Emmy…

Sloss: Industry to Art has been nominated
for six Emmy Awards.

Thanks again to everyone who helped,
especially the entire staff at Sloss.

Kudos to:
Lane McGiboney, Nick Punch,
Matt Whitson & Chris Holmes (Audio Post Production)
David Hickox (Music)
Paul Rogers, Matt Whitson & Chris Holmes (Editing)
Justin Gaar & Chris Holmes (Lighting)
Justin Gaar, Chris Holmes & Matt Whitson (Photography)
Chris Holmes (Director – Post Production)

George Lindsey UNA Film Festival

Sloss: Industry to Art

will be screened at the
14th Annual George Lindsey UNA Film Festival
March 3-5, 2011 in Florence, AL

Here’s the schedule.

Industry to Music – The Sloss Soundtrack

Don’t miss the outstanding soundtrack by David Hickox.

Besides helping us tell the Sloss story, it stands on its own as pure music.

Listen to it here or download it and make it your own personal sound track.

Click here to download the entire album. (zip)

DVD Now Available

Sloss: Industry to Art DVDs are now available for purchase HERE on the main APT website.
Every DVD we sell helps support the production of this and other APT Documentaries.

Next Air and DVD

For residents of Alabama:
Sloss: Industry to Art will air again on APT on August 22nd and August 25th.

For everyone:
The DVDs are currently being produced. As soon as we have a date we’ll post it here.

Thanks to everyone who came to the premiere screening or watched the initial airings.

The time has come

Alabama Public Television is hosting a premiere screening event at Sloss on July 23, 2010 in Cast Shed #1. This premiere event is free and open to the public. The reception begins at 7pm featuring some of the Sloss crew casting iron and the documentary starts at 8pm.

The documentary will have its statewide broadcast television premiere on Sunday July 25th at 7pm on Alabama Public Television

Cast Iron Crusaders

Stripper (Joe McCreary)
Going on until May 23rd at the National Ornamental Metals Museum in
Memphis, TN is the Sloss resident artist exhibit Cast Iron Crusaders.
If you can’t make it to the show, visit the Museum’s site.  It’s a really nifty place.

Sneak Peek at Preservation

In the story of Sloss Furnaces, where is the turning point on that continuum from Industry to Art?

Our theory is that it all starts with the Sloss Furnace Association and its grass roots preservation effort that began in 1976.  Among others, Birmingham architect Jim Waters was a big part of that effort. Here is Jim’s son Brad Waters filling us in while he uncovers an archival treasure trove that documents Sloss’ salvation.

Joe McCreary’s Giant Skillet & Egg

Sloss artist Joe McCreary cast a six foot iron skillet using nearly 600 pounds of iron and
8,000 pounds of sand for his mold.
Accessories include a giant propane burner and super large spatulas.

“Blast Furnace”

For a brief, fun look at a simple history of furnaces and how they work, check out this educational film from US Steel.

It’s important to note that Sloss was never a steel mill, despite its long operation by Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Company. Infact, the decision to focus only on so called “Pig Iron” is partly credited for Sloss’ longevity.