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Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food


Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food

Kevin Dundonís Modern Irish Food puts a modern spin on the celebrated dishes of Irish culture. ďChef of the peopleĒ and series host Kevin Dundon, an award-winning Irish chef and restaurateur with quintessential Irish charm, quick wit and love for locally sourced indigenous produce, takes television viewers on a historic tour of Irish cuisine, demonstrating both the traditional elements of Irish country house cooking and the gourmet modernization of recipes over nine episodes.

Upcoming Episodes

Comfort Foods

Saturday, Mar 14 at 9:00 am on Create

Birds, Bass and Berries

Saturday, Mar 14 at 9:30 am on Create

Fish, Hunt and Harvest

Saturday, Mar 14 at 10:00 am on Create

Modern Eats to Traditional Treats

Saturday, Mar 14 at 10:30 am on Create

Back in Time

Sunday, Mar 22 at 7:00 am on Create


Wednesday, Mar 25 at 7:00 am on Create

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