Well Read

Well Read is all about ideas. Through hosted interviews and book reviews, host Terry Tazioli opens up a world of new ideas, exploring with authors the themes in their latest books. Following each hosted interview, Tazioli sits down with Seattle Times Book Editor/National Book Critics Circle Former VP Mary Ann Gwinn to discuss the focus of the show that week, and introduce viewers to related authors and books.

Upcoming Episodes

Gerda Saunders / Memory's Last Breath

Friday, Feb 23 at 5:00 am on World

Sherman Alexie / You Don't Have to Say You Love

Friday, Mar 2 at 5:00 am on World

Todd Kessler, Discussion On Raising Readers

Friday, Mar 9 at 5:00 am on World

Robert Moor, On Trails

Friday, Mar 16 at 5:00 am on World

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Writings on the Wall

Friday, Mar 23 at 5:00 am on World

Anuradha Roy, Sleeping On Jupiter

Friday, Mar 30 at 5:00 am on World

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