Alabama Public Television Young Heroes of 2008

Kirsten Luxon

Robertsdale, Alabama
Robertsdale High School

It is not always easy for a young person to recognize when his or her life begins to take a dangerous turn, but Robertsdale High School senior Kirsten Luxon had the wisdom to do just that. As a result, she is today an excellent student. She is involved in numerous campus and volunteer organizations and serves as a positive role model, encouraging her siblings to make good choices. When she was young, Kirstenís parents divorced and, following some serious family issues, she ended up in her fatherís custody. When he was deployed to Iraq, she moved in with her mother and stepfather. Kirsten escaped difficulties at home by associating with questionable friends, skipping school, experimenting with drugs and eventually running away from home. When the police intervened, she set about to change her circumstances and, with the help of a school counselor, turned her life around. Today, she faces a shining future with courage and conviction. She looks forward to a career in horticulture.

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