Alabama Public Television Young Heroes of 2007

Andrea Taylor

Alexander City, Alabama
Benjamin Russell High School

Andrea is a graduating senior at Benjamin Russell High School. She maintains a high GPA and participates in numerous clubs and honorary organizations. Andrea’s immediate family includes her mother and her twin sister Sandrea. Sandrea was born with special needs, and their mother is disabled. Over the years, her mother went through many hospitalizations. With only friends checking in on them, Andrea made sure that she and her sister were in school daily and that the household was maintained during her mother’s absences. The only member of her family able to work, Andrea has developed a disciplined work ethic. She purchased an automobile for her family and works in a leadership position at her after-school job. As noted by one of her teachers, “She settles for nothing less than performing her best, humbly.” In her community, Andrea volunteers with many organizations and, in all of these activities, she includes her sister Sandrea. Andrea makes it her responsibility to see that Sandrea’s academic assignments are complete and her social needs are met.

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