Alabama Public Television Young Heroes of 2002

Joseph Dees

Enterprise, Alabama
Enterprise High School

Having lost both parents at an early age, Joseph would be tested by circumstance at a very early age. As time passed Joseph developed an intelligent, athletic and determined character. Early in his school career, teachers noticed his penchant for creative writing. Joseph won several writing awards and became a voracious reader. He has been nominated for the B.F. Garth Award, which is given to a young man who possesses great character, high academic grades and who could be called the ideal student. Joe currently carries a 3.986 GPA that reflects advanced courses he has successfully completed. Not only is Joseph an extraordinary student, he is also an outstanding athlete, arriving at school every morning at 6:15 for his early workout. He recently won the award for highest GPA for all junior football players and consistently stated throughout the season on the varsity team. According to his French teacher, "Joseph Dees is not just a young hero, but he is a hero and role model for us all.

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