Germany: Tracking down traffickers - German police are putting more effort into stopping human traffickers. Upper Bavaria is evidently a bottleneck where two main overland smuggling routes meet: from Italy and the Balkans. No other federal police inspections currently register more unauthorized border crossings. More than five thousand people were picked up this year alone. But most crossings remain undetected. Traffickers tend to transport their human cargo at night, crossing the German border at the crack of dawn. The growing floods of refugees to Europe are a business worth billions to them. Britain: A multicultural borough in London - What was once a traditionally working-class area of London has been home to many Bengalis for years. They dominate the borough council and hold the post of mayor. Once acclaimed as a model of multiculturalism, the borough now faces fierce criticism. There are allegations of corruption, suspected extremism and anti-Semitism among Tower Hamlets council

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