Turkey: Reigniting Kurdish Anger - Kurds in Turkey are keen to support the Kurdish fighters resisting the advancing IS militants in northern Syria, but Ankara refuses to allow them to cross into Syria. At least 19 people have been killed in recent clashes involving Kurdish protesters in Turkey. The situation has reignited the Turkish-Kurdish conflict, with the Kurds accusing the Turkish government of abandoning them in the fight against IS militants. Kurds were long repressed in Turkey, and even though peace talks with the banned PKK were launched recently in a step towards ending a three-decade conflict, the peace process remains fragile. Germany: A Haven for Jewish Immigrants - Increasing numbers of Jews from all over the world are moving to the German capital. But while Berlin's Jewish community is swelling, Jews in other European countries are facing growing hostility and opting to immigrate to Israel. The repercussions of the recent Israel-Gaza conflict are even being felt in Euro

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