Russia: Soldiers Missing - Up to 15,000 Russian troops are estimated to be currently deployed in Ukraine. While Moscow denies that any Russian soldiers are fighting in eastern Ukraine, wives and mothers are desperate to know where their loves ones are. Civil rights activists are helping them to either remove their sons to safety, or bury those who have already fallen in the conflict. A cemetery in Pskov is the last resting place of two paratroopers who the authorities claim were killed in an accident. Reporters investigating the story were intimidated and chased away by men in hooded tops. Ukraine has presented captured Russian recruits, but Moscow remains mum when relatives pose requests for information. Italy: Refugee Haven - One year ago several hundred refugees from North Africa drowned when the boat carrying them across the Mediterranean sank off the coast of Lampedusa. The Italian island has come to symbolize a continuing series of refugee tragedies. Governments in Europe are at

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