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Classic in the Jurassic: Ultimate Face-off/back in Time

CLASSIC IN THE JURASSIC: ULTIMATE FACE-OFF The `Classic in the Jurassic' games are back, and this time, it's the Ultimate Smackdown. Mr. Conductor explains the "wrestling" matchups from the three Time Periods feature carnivores vs. herbivores and the best choreographed and most entertaining show wins! Tank and Buddy are thrilled - what a face-off! Once the judges tally the results, Team Cretaceous is declared the winner, and the fans love it! Educational Objective: All ecosystems on land include predators and plant-eaters. The same was true during the Mesozoic age of dinosaurs - wherever you find herbivores, you find carnivores. So throughout the Mesozoic Era, the ecosystem provided classic matchups of top carnivores vs. herbivores. BACK IN TIME Buddy and Tiny start wondering aloud whether the Triassic was the beginning of time, and if there was anything before the Age of Dinosaurs. So Mr. Conductor walks through a Pedestrian Time Tunnel to get to the Permian Time Period, where they me

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