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Animation 1: Star Signs - Story: While everyone in school learns about our Solar System's many constellations, and how to identify them by their unique shapes, Eagle is resistant. Studying is tedious; he's got 'a need for speed!' As always, Eagle would much rather be out soaring through space, exploring, seeing new things and going new places! But when a fellow cadet named Crow is missing, Eagle, Robyn and Hawk are tasked with trying to find him. Their main clue: a cryptic radio message from Crow in which he talked about 'following Swan.' Who is this mysterious Swan, and where was he leading the missing Space Racer to? Our three sleuths must learn to ask the right questions if they ever hope to find him. Curriculum Focus: Observation - Looking and listening to gather information and form hypotheses. Interstitial 1: 'MD Science Center 2 - Create a Constellation'. Animation 2: Vulture's Volcano - Story: Eagle, Robyn, Hawk and Raven are tasked by Headmaster Crane to learn more about plane

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