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World-Wide Abuse of Women and Girls - Former President Jimmy Carter says unequal pay, domestic violence, rape on college campuses, sexual slavery, genital mutilation and the killing of girl babies make the abuse and exploitation of women and girls the gravest human rights issue on earth. He also tells correspondent Bob Faw that one of the causes of the scourge is the misreading of scripture. Jordan River Baptism Site - Final preparations are underway for Pope Francis' visit to the Holy Land, May 24-26. During his brief stop in Jordan, the pope has invited Syrian refugees and disabled young people to join him for a meal at the Jordan River Baptism site. Located near the Dead Sea across the border from Israel, the site is revered by many Christians as the place where John the Baptist lived and where Jesus was baptized. Although there are other baptism sites inside Israel, archeological ruins dating back to the 5th century were discovered here after the 1994 peace treaty between Jordan an

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