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Civil War: the Untold Story


With Malice Toward None

In the spring of 1864, General William Tecumseh Shermanís force of 100-thousand men marches from Chattanooga toward Atlanta, Georgia, the industrial hub of the Deep South. Twenty miles north of Atlanta, Shermanís army is soundly defeated at Kennesaw Mountain. Shermanís defeat combined with Grantís stalemate in Virginia, enrages a Northern electorate already weary of war. The presidential election is in November, and Abraham Lincolnís chances for a second term are dwindling by the day. The Democrats nominate George McClellan. The partyís platform calls for a negotiated peace with the Confederacy in which slaveholders will be allowed to keep their property. If McClellan is elected, Lincolnís Emancipation Proclamation will almost certainly be struck down. Though victorious at Kennesaw Mountain, the outnumbered Confederate Army falls back to a defensive position at Atlanta. After 6 weeks of bloody conflicts around Atlanta, Sherman wires Washington: ďAtlanta is ours and fairly won.Ē

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