Lewis & Clark: the Journey of the Corps of Discovery


Episode #102

As Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and the Corps of Discovery passed the Missouri River and approached the Bitterroot Mountain Range,they grew desperate for horses and provisions to get through the seemingly endless, snow-covered peaks.Sacagawea's presence provided solace for t he Corps--her knowledge of the West,her tireless enthusiasm, great courage and ability to care for a child along the expedition were inspir ing to the frontiersmen. She once again became a living "white flag" for Lewis and Clark, this time to the Shoshone Indians--her native cult ure--who provided them with horses for their journey. The Corps contin ued to west, where, for the first time, their canoes were traveling wi th the river's current. Finally, on November 18, 1805, William Clark set out from their campsite in the Columbia River Gorge,climbed a hill and saw what no white man had ever seen from the Northwest: the Pacific Ocean. Their exploration of the West opened a new world to Americans.

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