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Grown-ups and Me

Caillou meets a lot of new people today. He's invited to spend the day with Clementine's family and is nervous until he discovers her family is a lot like his. Caillou's first day at day care is scary until he meets his teacher Miss Martin, and makes two new friends, Leo and Clementine. He has so much fun that when his Mommy comes to pick him up, Caillou doesn't want to go home! On another day, Grandma and Caillou visit her friends in the Seniorsí Home and Rover goes with them. Caillou meets a lot of Grandmaís friends and tries to keep Rover out of trouble. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Children learn not to be fearful of unfamiliar grown-ups that their parents bring into their lives. They may be initially hesitant about meeting or being left alone with the new baby-sitter, the day-care worker, a playmateís mother, a neighbor, their grandmotherís friend, but when they get to know them there are lots of pleasant surprises.

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